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An introduction to the new era of an "Inhaler" with us, ARMA herbal.

With its well-known great quality, a herbal inhaler has been existing among Thais for so long while also spreading its greatness to foreigners as well. However, even though its reputation has been constantly growing for decades, its appearance has always remained the same. "You shouldn’t feel lame using an inhaler, you should feel cool" was our design motto when we first started the brand. Our team of designers wanted to create a modern appearance for an inhaler that makes you feel cool and stylish every time you use it.


ARMA - refreshing aromatic inhaler is more than just a nice smell. It is also used to treat headaches, fainting, and dizziness. It’s perfect for carrying around. And it even works for people who want to quit smoking as well, since you can use it as a replacement when you want to smoke. It can make you feel relieved, and you can also use it whenever you want.

A personal aroma device you can carry on


Refreshing Aromatic Inhaler

Design inspiration

 ARMA's design inspiration an inhaler that looks cool!  ARMA are made on design language easy to use, understand and to fall in love. The case a well made from aluminium for durability use. and because we care and serious about reducing our single use consumption then we have designed ARMA to be able to refill the scent as needed.

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ARMA aromatic refreshing case is made of aluminium. It’s durable and helps reduce the single use of plastic. The user can change the refill by themselves, which makes it suitable for green-initiative and modern lifestyle.

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The Stylish Inhaler Ever made

Even when it rains, traffic jam, or feeling nauseous. Everything will be better by just having ARMA. We provide you with our original flavour refill, feeling refreshed with a menthol scent, and a citrus fresh flavour that helps you feel refresh through fruit extracted essential oil.

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A first Refill Yadom ever made

A changeable flavour inhaler! An inhaler like you have never seen before. You can customise the body and pair it with your own preferred refill flavour, which we provide for you in over 4 colours and 2 flavours, to your liking. Moreover, this creative design also helps reduce excessive plastic usage. All you have to do is change the refill flavour.

With the ARMA refreshing aromatic inhaler, the smell is filled with refreshment that helps relieve headaches, dizziness, and cold symptoms. Suitable for someone who wants to quit smoking. A nice and refreshing smell will help with nicotine addiction. You can take this with you everywhere. With the 5 main components, inhaling it will make you feel relieved and refreshed, while also helping with dizziness and cold symptoms.


The essential oil extracted from peppermint has a menthol smell, which helps to relieve flatulence and reduce swelling



Specifically crafted flavour extracts from plants and fruits, which help in body, mind, and emotion treatment. Moreover, it could also function as a part of therapy called "Aromatherapy" which could help cure some conditions of skin disease.

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Camphor can be easily absorbed through the skin. And it’s also gives off a cool feeling when it touches your skin as well. Furthermore, it could be used as an anesthetic and a mild antimicrobial, particularly as a treatment for sprains, swollen areas, skin disease, an antidote for insect bites, and to stimulate the central nervous system. By including camphor as an ingredient in drugs for external use. It also helps with itching, dizziness, headaches, heart stimulation, relieving flatulence, boosting your sweating and urine flow, flu, and colds.


Mint plants contain an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent called rosmarinic acid. This has been studied for its effectiveness in relieving seasonal allergy symptoms, revealing a promising natural treatment.

a natural aromatic decongestant that helps to break up phlegm and mucus, making it easier to expel. Menthol also has a cooling effect and can help relieve a sore throat

a calming and soothing herb that has been used for thousands of years to aid with upset stomach or indigestion. Mint is thought to increase bile secretion and encourage bile flow, which helps to speed and ease digestion.

Balancing Essential Oil

An oil that is extracted from plants and fruits is used as a treatment to help and improve body conditions. Essential oils have been around since 5,000 years ago, when people used them to rejuvenate their bodies, minds, and emotions. And they also use it to help cure some skin diseases. However, extracting essential oils is a long and difficult process that results in a low volume, which makes it really expensive. Essential oils are often used in aromatherapy because they help relieve sore throats, stimulate weight loss, enhance energy levels, and stimulate appetite.


Borneol has a refreshing smell which helps nourish your heart and fix your dizziness symptoms. It helps relieve flatulence, stomach ache, colicky pain, wounds from venereal disease, fresh wounds, and chronic wounds.


It helps stimulate digestive system, prevent fungal skin infection, headache, stress relieve, muscle twitching, symptom related to respiratory system, pain relieve, blood circulation, immune system, balance skin oil level, and nourish hair condition.



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